What do parents really need to know about college these days?

by Susie P. Gonzalez —

Family photo at Trinity

My oldest son was still a newborn when his father leap-frogged over teething, potty-training, and driving lessons to bring up the subject of college. Where would our bundle of joy go, what would he study, and how on earth would we pay for it?

If you’re a parent, you’ve confronted all of these questions – from dealing with toddler issues to financing a college education. Maybe, while searching for the answers, you’ve reached out to other parents for help. Trusted peers. Seasoned vets. And possibly other parents who are curiosity seekers. Since children do not come with instruction manuals, other parents can function as teachers and guides.

That’s why the Trinity Parent Perspective was born – to help answer some of the questions that drive parents of college-bound and college-aged students slightly crazy. We are assembling a writing team of parents whose children have attended or are currently enrolled in Trinity, or those who love Trinity and know a thing or two about college life.

We hope to tackle topics such as:
  • How can parents stay abreast of campus events?
  • How do I decide if my child’s choice is a good fit?
  • I am a professor: Can I co-exist with my daughter as a student? 
  • Help! My student wants to “go Greek” – should I worry?
  • Should I be concerned if my student also wants to be an athlete? 
Some of these questions have been in my family conversations, since I have sent three children to college, including one who graduated from Trinity in 2008 (#TigerPride). He is the one who started me on that long journey of helping my students prepare for college, choose the right school, succeed despite all manner of distractions, and ultimately, graduate into a job in what all of us lovingly call “the real world.”

I will serve as editor of the blog and invite submissions from parent writers. Just message me at the email address below to start a conversation as parents about something we all love – Trinity University and student success.

About Susie

Susie P. Gonzalez, senior manager of public relations at Trinity, can be reached at susie.gonzalez@trinity.edu or @susiegonz.


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