Leaving my son in good hands

Trinity University alumni Carlos '14 and Robert '81 Anchondo

by Robert Anchondo ’81 —

Trinity University has a special place in our family. My brother and I are both Trinity graduates, and I also taught ROTC at Trinity for three years in the early 1980s. When considering universities, my wife and I encouraged our four children to visit college campuses. My third child Carlos visited Trinity knowing that I had strong ties to the school.

Our son was accepted to several out of state universities, but ultimately, he chose Trinity due to its excellent undergraduate reputation. Naturally, I advocated for Trinity because I had experienced firsthand the high caliber of the faculty and the student body. Additionally, my brother Jorge and I thought Trinity was a good fit for Carlos.

When Carlos decided to attend Trinity, we were delighted! He would be an hour and a half away from our Central Texas home, and he would be receiving a first rate education. During a parent weekend, we were impressed with the small student to professor ratio, which is 9:1. I had an opportunity to visit some of the classes where I had sat as a student myself. In particular, I enjoyed attending Dr. Donald Clark’s Chinese History class. After re-visiting campus, I could tell that Carlos was in good hands.

Miller Fountain at Trinity University with mountain laurels
Fragrant mountain laurel bloom next to Miller Fountain on the Trinity campus.

Visiting Trinity University 25 years later, I was impressed by the new buildings and continuing growth throughout the campus. One thing that had not changed was the wonderful fragrance of the mountain laurels that bloom in March. While Trinity University has made significant modern improvements, it is still the friendly, vibrant, small community that I remember from years ago.

About Robert

Robert Anchondo is a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel. He now teaches English as a Second Language and history at Lockhart Junior High in Lockhart, Texas, where he lives with his wife Joan. Robert earned a master’s degree in history from Trinity in 1981. His son, Carlos, graduated from Trinity in 2014 and is currently a writer and editor in the Office of University Marketing and Communications.


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