How did our daughter’s zest for life lead to an accounting degree?

by Jay and Brian Wenzel –

As our daughter, Samantha Wenzel, graduated from Trinity University’s Masters in Accounting program and prepared to enter the “real world,” we found ourselves amazed at the transformation she went through during her five years at Trinity University. Trinity provided a close-knit and comfortable environment that allowed our daughter to not only find her career, but also grow her integrity and maturity.

Sami went to Trinity not knowing what she wanted to study or even what she wanted to do after college. She now leaves with dreams, direction, and a zest for life that is already opening doors as she makes her own way in the world.

As an institution, Trinity understands its role to help develop, guide, and inspire young adults. In our view, Trinity performed this role with flying colors. From our very first interactions with the Trinity Admissions staff to the day Sami moved into her dorm as a first-year student, the Trinity faculty, staff, and students made it abundantly clear that they sincerely wanted her to join their community. Ultimately, this played a large role in our daughter’s decision to attend.

Although her mother and I both attended Colorado College, a small liberal arts school similar to Trinity, it was the setting and the feel of Trinity, along with the breadth of degree options, which ultimately convinced our daughter to choose Trinity University.

The liberal arts curriculum at Trinity allows students to pursue scientific and mathematical degrees, such as accounting, while also gaining a broader understanding of the arts and humanities. In her time at Trinity, Sami was able to explore numerous areas unrelated to her accounting degree. In addition to pursuing minors in both english and economics, Sami took courses in photography, religion, racquetball, and a myriad of other unique topics.

This breadth of knowledge fostered creativity and problem-solving skills that helped Sami stand out when she began applying for internships with the Big Four accounting firms. By the spring of her senior year, Sami had already completed an internship with Deloitte & Touche and accepted a full-time position – over a year before she would even start working.

Mike Wilkins, the Jesse H. Jones Professor of Accounting, shares insights during class.
Aside from the wide range of courses Sami was able to take at Trinity, the most unique aspect of Sami’s college experience was the relationships she formed with her professors. Trinity’s qualified professors inspire an enthusiasm for learning that is not easily achieved. Sami’s professors were engaging and effective in the classroom, but they also went above and beyond to develop personal relationships with Sami outside of the classroom and push her to do her best. These relationships created a depth of learning that allowed Sami to truly engage in her education. Several of Sami’s professors have become mentors with whom she will keep in touch even after college.

Sami now graduates from Trinity with confidence, determination, and technical skills to pursue her goals. Trinity has given her an excellent foundation for starting her career as an auditor at Deloitte & Touche in Houston.

About Jay and Brian

Jay and Brian obtained their undergraduate degrees from Colorado College – Jay’s in sociology, Brian’s in chemistry. Brian went on to get his MBA from the McCombs School of Business and Jay later obtained her Master’s of Special Education from the University of Anchorage, Alaska. Brian’s job with Phillips 66 took the family to Oklahoma, Qatar, Australia, Alaska, and eventually Texas, where they currently reside. Both parents are pictured above with Sami and her brother, Zach, who will be a freshman at Auburn University in the fall.


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