What does it Feel Like to be Part of the Trinity Family?

by Gregory Shervanick—

Many Division I colleges have a tradition of great football or basketball teams, and others, especially those in Division III, have the added tradition of family. Trinity University has both. It is a close community, and I’d like to share both my daughter’s story about being part of the Trinity family and how I came to be part of it, too.

Although I did not attend Trinity University, my daughter Kara joined the Trinity family in 2009 and graduated in 2013 with a degree in biology and environmental studies. Each year that she returned to Trinity as a student, she became increasingly involved with faculty, friends, and activities, culminating in being named a Distinguished Representative.

Student Involvement was Key for Kara

During her enrollment and participation in campus life, Kara cheered for Tiger athletics, worked with the Trinity Cat Alliance, participated in Interhall Olympics, and assisted newcomers as well as returning alumni for Homecoming (also known as Alumni Weekend) with information from the desk at Coates University Center.

Also every year, upon her return to Trinity, her campus family grew larger and the faculty and staff became more a part of her life as a caring extended family. She felt the ideals of Trinity even as she took part in a study abroad trip to Australia. As a parent, I never really considered myself as a member of this intimate family group until a few weeks ago.

The Feeling of Family Reaches from New Mexico to Texas

A local newspaper carried an article about resident who was having a birthday, her 104th. The article also noted that she was an alumnus of Trinity University. I forwarded the notification to the Office of University Marketing & Communications, which arranged to send a birthday card to the centenarian. During a subsequent correspondence with one of the Trinity staff, I realized that not only was my daughter part of the Trinity family but I also was a part of that history. So in order to follow in my daughter’s footsteps as a Distinguished Representative for Trinity University, I offer this view of #TigerPride.

Expanding Opportunities

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Thank you for making family a Trinity tradition!

About Gregory

Gregory Shervanick lives in southern New Mexico and is a proud parent of Kara, who graduated from Trinity in 2013 and in May 2016 completed a Master of Environmental Management in Coastal Management degree from Duke University's Nicholas School of the Environment & Marine Lab. She now lives in Washington D.C. and works to save the oceans and its animals at Oceana.


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