How Trinity University Made This Mom a Twitter User

by Trudi-Brooke Mann –

Editor’s note: To get a student’s-eye view of the first week of school this fall semester, Trinity University turned the keys to the social media platform Twitter over to sophomores Hannah-Elyse Konyecsni (@bahannahsplit27) and Lauren Pettinati (@laurenpettinati) for a week. You can read about their experience on the student blog, The Trinity Perspective, here.

When I first heard that Hannah and her roommate Lauren were going to take over Trinity University’s Twitter account, I’ll admit I was excited because Hannah was excited. I didn’t really grasp the significance of the “takeover.”

Hannah and her mom.
I wasn’t a Twitter user. That was Hannah’s private space because Twitter “wasn’t for parents.” That’s okay because I really wasn’t that interested anyway. That all changed on Twitter Day #1. She woke up early and started texting me trying to get ideas for that all important first tweet. I gave her a dozen ideas, some interesting, some great in my opinion and some absolute crap. Hannah ended up doing what she always does, ignoring my ideas and coming up with something that’s totally her. A little retro, a little quirky and a lot funny.

That first day was a whirlwind. It was so much bigger than I imagined. Over the next few days there were radio interviews, two television interviews, and lots of attention. There were funny tweets, inspirational tweets, and tweets I didn’t always understand. It seemed to be a hit. I made my own Twitter account just to be able to follow the Takeover Twins.

Lauren and her mom.
Trinity provides its students with such amazing opportunities to explore and grow. Interestingly it’s managed to do the same for this Trinity parent.

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Trudi-Brooke Mann is the mom of a sophomore from Austin, Texas. She fills the time when she’s not at work with fluffing her empty nest, doing Pilates, and stalking her only child on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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