My child's college roommate is like my second daughter!

Trinity University student Lauren Pettinati and her mom

by Karie Pettinati--

Editor's note: Last week, the mother of a Trinity University sophomore wrote about her daughter's experience taking over the University's Twitter account. You can read her account here. This week, we are sharing the view from the mother of that student's roommate, who says she now has two daughters, by virtue of the "binding roommate contract," and is thrilled they are at Trinity. 

Finding the right roommate is an important part of the college experience. My daughter Lauren, a sophomore at Trinity University, couldn’t be more different from her roommate, Hannah, aka my newly adopted daughter by virtue of the “binding roommate contract.” Their differences are evident in their Twitter posts. One is a vegetarian and one doesn’t like breakfast tacos.

I really think the only thing they have in common is their love of baby animals. What is great about their friendship and this school for putting kids like this together is their kindness and respect for each other. They tease each other about everything, but the ribbing is taken with a grain of salt and a good sense of humor.

I love the fact that they can talk to each other bluntly, openly and honestly about their different beliefs on politics, religion, or who the greatest golfer is, and not be offended by their disagreement. Maybe it’s from kindness and consideration or a level of intelligence that makes someone open to listen as well as be heard. Maybe it’s just something in the water? I’m not sure, but I know it’s not just something these two possess.

On the subject of kindness and consideration, I recently had the pleasure of supporting my daughter and her Tiger Golfer teammates on the greens in beautiful Seguin. Afterward, Lauren and I grabbed a bite to eat and coincidentally met a Trinity football playing grad from the class of ’77! He agreed the campus is great and told us stories of how the football field has improved immensely. Props to the greens keepers…. wait, no that’s golf….props to the guys that spray on the lines. That can’t be an easy job! Anyway, our class of ’77 friend, like most every other TU student, faculty and staff from admissions to security and janitorial impressed me, of course, with his kindness and consideration.
Trinity University golfer Lauren Pettinati
Trinity University sophomore Lauren Pettinati is a member of the Tiger Women's Golf Team.
So when Lauren told me the University asked her and Hannah to take over the Trinity Twitter account, I asked, “Why you two?” My initial reaction was: “Why would they do that?” and “What are you doing?” I didn’t understand. It was confusing, and I thought I should say, “Congratulations…..right?”

After a little enlightening, I learned a little more about Twitter and stopped questioning the decision makers who chose Lauren and Hannah for the Twitter Takeover. There are so many kids on this campus that represent skill in bringing people together instead of pulling them apart and in listening and learning instead of judging and condemning. I guess I’m just proud that they live this way, proud that they go to a school that encourages this behavior. The world could use a little more of that.

Actually, I’m really proud – proud of the girls and proud of this school.

In closing:

1. No, those are not puppy noises coming from the dorm room.

2. I can’t wait to see who you talk into doing this next.

3. Go Tigers!


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